Who doesn’t like lip care products? Most of us are suckers for lipsticks, lip gloss, and other lip care kits. And why won’t we love those? We are created with a beautiful body part, the lips, which need to be taken care of. Soft, supple, and colorful lips make our smile brighter.

So, how can we take care of our lips? To keep our lips in shape, we need to invest in a good lip scrub, lip balm, and lipsticks. You can use DIY lip scrub with sugar and honey and apply it to your lips. The sugar will remove the dead cells, and honey will keep the lips moisturized. If you suffer from crusty lips, you might be dehydrated. So make sure you drink enough water and apply lip balm once every hour to keep your lips from drying.

Okay, enough with the advice, we actually have something for you. To make your search easy-peasy, here are some of the best lip care products that you need in your life!

1. Al’iver Double Effect Lip Care

Let’s start our topic with an exfoliator. Al’iver double effect lip care formula that contains scrub care and lip moisturize care. This helps soften the lips, make them moisturized and keep lips from aging to give that pinkish, kissable lips. The lip kit contains active collagen peptide formula that is highly water-soluble and absorbs the mask quickly. The application process is very easy. Use the scrub mask for exfoliation and moisturize mask for protecting and moisturizing your lips.  Your crusty and painful lips will turn to soft, pink, and juicy lips in mere seconds. It’s available in two flavors, Strawberry and Peach.

2. Lanbena Lip Balm

Lanbena Lip Balm is light in texture with hydrating and nourishing properties. Available in rose and hyaluronic acid, Lanbena lip balm relieves dryness, chapped lips and repairs damaged skin of your lips and makes them soft and plump. If you want to make your lips appear naturally pink, use rose lip balm. For lips that need extra love and hydration, choose hyaluronic lip balm.

3. Revlon Kiss Lip Balm

Do you know your lips need sun protection too? Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen on lips too. The problem with most lip balms is that not all contain sunscreen. Luckily, we have found one lip balm that has it. Revlon Kiss lip balm is packed with SPF 20! Not only that, it consists of natural fruit oils, which keep your lips soft and juicy. The balm comes with various shade ranges, which gives your lips a subtle hint of color and shine. They even smell heavenly. This lip balm can be used by people with super dry lips — Available in flavors like Berry Burst, Sweet Cherry, Fresh Strawberry, and Tropical Coconut.


These 3 are the best lip care kits that will surely prove as lifesavers. Trust us; you will fall in love with these lip products. Use the scrub once or twice a week and apply lip balm as often as you can to keep your lip soft and smooth. By the way, you will find all these lip care products on our website. So, be sure to check them out!


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