A good night’s sleep is like sipping from the Fountain of Youth since it allows you to regenerate and wake up shining.

During the day, your skin tries to defend itself from various external forces. Still, it switches to a healing mode at night, with the regeneration process up to three times quicker than during the day.

However, sleep is only as good as you allow it to be, which is why it’s crucial to put in place best practices, such as using beneficial self-care products and using supportive sleep aids, so you can get up with a healthy glow from head to toe.

1. Cleanse Twice.

In the evening, whether or not you apply makeup, a thorough cleaning is required. Dirt, pollution, dead skin cell accumulation, excess oil, and, yes, cosmetics, if you use it, will all be removed.

Go to bed with your face unwashed, and all of those pollutants will sit on your skin, blocking pores, causing irritation, and altering your skin’s microbiota.

Double-cleansing is a technique that involves using an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a mild water-based cleanser. Consider a cleanser with extra soothing elements like rose or aloe if you’re dry, or one with more exfoliants if you’re oily.

2. Apply Your Moisturizer & Massage It In.

Warm a tiny amount of moisturizer between your hands and massage it into the skin in small, circular strokes, moving from the centre of your face outwards after you’ve washed—this aids in the synthesis of oxygen and the removal of toxins, resulting in glowing skin.

3. Treat Yourself to A Spa Day

The evening is a crucial time to accomplish everything you’ve wanted to achieve when it comes to having time for an at-home spa. Particularly right now when you’re not exposing your skin to any free radicals outside of the sun peering through your window. Put on a mask, microneedle your face or do whatever is necessary.

4. Drink Lots of Water Before Bed

For glowing skin, drinking sufficient water every day is a must. Eight glasses of water a day, or 2 litres of water, is recommended to guarantee you’re adequately hydrated, which will, in turn, leave your skin radiant and healthy.

Not only will this keep you hydrated while you sleep—as we previously said, you lose water via your skin while you sleep—but the study also reveals that consuming the correct amounts of water boosts your dermal thickness.

5. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

What if I told you that it’s true that sleeping on a silk pillowcase keeps skin moist overnight? Yes, indeed! Silk helps maintain moisture close to your skin, and its natural fibres reduce strain on sensitive skin. Beside you can use pillow sprays to help you sleep.

All of the redness, puffiness and sleep wrinkles are simply gone. And it won’t only be your face that reaps the rewards. Silk’s silky friction-free surface keeps hair feeling super-soft while reducing frizz (so say goodbye to bedhead!).

Change your pillowcase frequently to prevent sweat, germs, and grime off your newly washed skin.


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