Winter is close to our door. The winter nights are as long as cold. The fuzzy blankets will be started to show their faces once again. You know the meaning of these things. The time of fire up the fireplace is very close to you. So, you might be stacking the logs with strike a match, but don’t forget some tips and safety measures.

For example, you have to inspect and maintain your fireplaces, chimneys, and vents every year. That’s why when you’re unable to remember when you did it for the last time, you might have been overdue. And you can think the tasks involve residential cleaning services.

But, it’s not entirely true as you can do it yourself if you follow some tips and tricks. This is because we’re here to help you with the way that will avail the most. So, let’s know the process of move in cleaning your fireplace for wood-burning and gas burning. 

Avoid Messes

First off, use old sheets to cover up the nearby furniture and your carpet. Then wear gloves and old clothes. Keep the trashcan in line along with two bags in the nearest place to keep the waste.

You may like to avoid loads of laundry, sweeping, and mopping to do when you have complete cleaning the chimney. If you go this way, it’ll help you get a very lower amount of junk to mess with.

Clear Debris

When you use your fireplace infrequently, you’ll find birds might have built nests in it. So, the chimney has become unsafe to use. When it comes to clean your fireplace, removing the bird’s nests is the first task to do from the flue.

Also, it’ll help you to remove the unsanitary state that may occur due to the materials of parasite infested into your house. You can go up on the roof or use a long broomstick in case of removing the nests. Besides, you can use a safe chimney damper to the chimney flue with a top-sealing to keep birds away from the chimney.

Clean Your Firebox

It’s because your firebox is the part of your fireplace where it burns. Basically, you use the fireplace in the cold winter months. These are the time when you should keep it clean and you have to do it one time per week. Remove the grate and andirons then take them outside to scrub and put to one side.

Also, remove movable ashes using a specially made fireplace shovel and put them in the garbage can. In case of catching the flue debris and bricks use newspapers that will help you sweep up the additional dust.

Clear Out Creosote

When you burn wood in the fireplace, it produces creosote as a byproduct. If you don’t clean it thoroughly, it may emit a strong odor from it when you turn on the AC and the humidity becomes higher.

Use a paste that has made from the warm water and baking soda to clean soft creosote buildup in your chimney. Another essential part of the process is to clean the bricks.


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