Maintenance of your ultrasound instrument is very important. It’s because it ensures the machine continuously better performance with the correct diagnostic for your patients. This is also the same for your RIS imaging device. If you take care of it the right way, it’ll work for you accordingly though it is based on the free RIS technology.

When it comes to being working smoothly medical practices, an ultrasound system is very essential. As a result, if you don’t take the matter seriously, it may lead you to lethal issues with your tool. Also, it may reduce the longevity of the machine.

Besides, if you keep it properly maintained, it’ll ensure you a trouble-free use and output. Thus, you can use the unit for an extended time and helps to keep your patients safe. So, let’s know some important tips to keep your ultrasound machine sound.

Check It Every Day

Before you start working with the machine, check to ensure whether it’s in good condition. For example, check if it was plugged incorrectly. Also, carefully look at the wiring and cables that have been integrated with the unit.

If you notice something unusual then resolve or replace it with its alternatives before you start the machine. These are the initial tasks that you have to do every day to ensure the better performance of the device.

Focus On To the Transducers

This is a very crucial part of the complete working tool. You have to check it to ensure that the doctors may get accurate test results. That’s why you should do a visual checking of its probe and the connection to the unit before each time you use the tool.

Also, check out if there are cuts or cracks on the probe of the lens or the TEE probe tube. It’s vital because ultrasound gets that you use or the disinfectant can see the cuts and may damage its transducer.

Moreover, search for tears if they’re in its cable that may point out the issue of broken cables inside of this part of the tool. Besides, you should clean the tool by following its cleaning protocols. For example, it may need of sterilizing of some types of probes that you use to some particular procedures.

Get Backup of the Full System

It should do a regular basis to keep your full system on a good backup system. It’s useful to reduce downtime if your unit fails to get the connection with its hard disk due to hardware issues. You can completely recover your data and images within a few hours if you get a backup of your full system.

Make Regular Servicing

Your ultrasound system is almost the same thing as your computer. It may get slow down by its performance over time. Also, you’ll find it’s not working in the same way and speed that it was doing at the beginning.

This is why you should have a plan to keep it for regular maintenance and servicing by some professionals. It could be three or four times a year or if it needs earlier.


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