If you are curious and thinking to invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum, this article is for you. Here we will see one of the best trading platforms. Keep a bit review and find out if it is really worthy of trading bitcoin. 

The crypto market might seem like a labyrinth for most people. There are a large number of exchanges and traders, and that is until restrictions levied by regulators have been considered in recent years. 

The degree of due diligence needed to invest in cryptocurrencies is not that different from the analysis involved in other more developed groups of securities. 

Indeed, the uncertainty and the promise of higher return has inspired investors to invest. Bitcoin has, after all, yielded a large number of Bitcoin millionaires, more commonly referred to as whales.

How to buy bitcoin?

Where can I purchase crypto-currencies? 

Keep a bit is one of the safest crypto trading platforms. For novice customers, it is a quick and straightforward way to buy different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Keepabit is a digital platform owned and operated by Tactive Pty Ltd., an Australian company that enables consumers to purchase, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. The operating license is regulated by the AUSTRAC Digital Currency Exchange License provider. 

What fees are there? 

There will be some costs, such as processing fees, deposit fees, redemption fees, exchange fees, and escrow fees. It is typically a few percent of the overall transaction amount if you wish to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and sell them again.

What about a fund for Bitcoin? 

Many firms are planning to introduce bitcoin funds, but there have been problems with regulatory authorities to date. The primary aim of this will be to make the cryptocurrency investment process simpler and more appealing. It’s also going to be volatile, but selling your investment and getting your cashback might be more straightforward than investing directly.

To find out more about how to invest in Bitcoin, read Keep a bit reviews online.

Fiat to Bitcoin Exchange

Before you trade, you need to choose which cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies you will use. 

Then you will research which site has the most enormous trading volume for the cryptocurrency type you decided to use. 

Your source of funds is one factor here. Not all of the exchanges accept deposits of fiat money. A substantial number of deals limit Bitcoin to deposits. 

It is essential to perform research on the most suitable trade. If you are searching for an exchange that accommodates Bitcoin transactions with fiat money: 

Keepabit, with a large global footprint, is familiar and easy to use. As well as having sufficient liquidity for trading, the exchange has the necessary security measures. Check out the keepabit reviews online for reassurance.  

It is worth noting that every platform has its advantages and disadvantages while investing. The main thing is to find the exchange that satisfies your personal demands first and foremost.

bitcoin to crypto exchange by architectures lab

Bitcoin to Crypto Exchange 

The next exchanges you can look at are the ones you’re going to use with Altcoins. Many of the small coins do not support larger exchanges. Using Bitcoins or Ethereum, the only way to purchase such smaller coins. 

You need to deposit Bitcoins on most exchanges since you cannot buy coins directly from the market. This is why you must have a Fiat to Bitcoin Exchange first. 

Factors to be Considered Before Trading

You need a trading plan before settling on the most appropriate crypto exchanges and wallets to fund your trading activities. There are a variety of variables to keep in mind as part of the strategy: 

  • Do not take out a loan to invest. 
  • It is a high-risk investment. So, only invest what you can afford to lose. Don’t be greedy. 
  • Conduct your own study, watch the news wires, and screen the respective cryptocurrencies you plan to go with for technical review. You will find reputed trading sites like Keepabit reviews online.
  • Set rational standards, don’t be arrogant, and know when it is okay to fail. It is easy to be influenced by the news wires talking of the next crypto boom or doom. It is best to block out such noise.


After you have developed your plan, picked your cryptocurrency type, opened your trading account on keepabit, and set up your wallets, it’s time to trade. 

Although you may have a clearer understanding of when to enter more developed markets, for instance, the global stock market, the entry point in the field of cryptography is more complicated. 

There is no clear and quick guideline other than waiting for every sell-off to flatten out and other than joining at an all-time high. 

Keep disciplined until you start trading, and make sure you run your risk parameters each day. These will include the maps that should have embedded your levels of support and resistance. 

And note, not every exchange can produce a profit, so don’t worry if your first trade doesn’t go that well. 


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