You might not have seen the sunset scenery behind the Taj Mahal. Many guides say it’s the most beautiful sunset in the world. There is the combination of changing color against the dome of white marble of the Taj is amazing.

It will be awesome to capture this scenery on your camera using a drone. But, your drone may need to fly over the river of Yamuna to take some best shots. Apart from the Taj, dozens of good reasons are out there why you’ll need to fly a drone above the water.

For instance, maybe you want to see a fantastic sunset on the island and look back on the beautiful scenery. Drones flying over the water will make a superb video of your trip.

Here are five tips you can’t afford to know for flying your drone over water! So, before you look for commercial drone inspection, let’s know the tips.

VPS – Know Your Position

The visual positioning system or VPS is an essential part of aerial surveying drone technology. But, some good reasons are out there to turn off this system while you’re flying over water. What are the reasons?

One of the great reasons is that this VPS depends on a steady surface. Usually, this will disorient your drone; Water is a flowing barrier. That says it depends on the height of your flight whether you wish to turn off the device or not.

This drone is higher enough and it not to disturb by a moveable surface below if you fly above (approximately) 30 meters. This, therefore, depends on what you intend to do while in the air with your drone.

Avoid Getting Distracted

While flying a drone, it about to go without saying you have to focus 100%. But, be careful to avoid the drone being distracted by any other obstacles. It’s because it might hinder with the compass (as big cruise ships or lighthouses) or signal.

Know from the Surfers

Nothing gives more joy to someone who likes surfing than receiving a briefing before reaching the water. You have to do the same thing. Ensure you know how high and not how low the waves break.

Remember that your vision of your drone waves will give you the impression. It’s because they are more distant than they really are.

Avoid Playing Angry Birds

You have to keep away from birds in general. You may think this is fun to see birds in the middle of the ride. But it’s hardly cool if you start chasing your drone, or worse. And some do!

Don’t Forget the Wind

For sure, you may meet strong winds on land and sea. But, flying over water, especially the sea, can expose your drone to strong winds based on your former flight experience. Remember, stronger winds need more power, and this will drip the battery more quickly.

Don’t get stuck out. Don’t get caught out. Take plenty of time to get your fly back to the destination. See this video for more tips on how you can safely fly your drone over water.


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