Preparing a report based on the read cases is one of the many responsibilities of a radiologist. The report comes with a severe foundation of diagnosis of the patient and its prognosis along with a treatment plan. The issue arises when you need to use the key images, but it’s very crucial as the report has grounded on them.

It can be cumbersome while reporting modules missing the skill to add or refer to main images. This is wastage of so many clicks and lots of time as well. These images are an important aspect of making precise, effective, and professional radiology reports.

This data is used to make the right management strategy for a patient. Also, it’s significant that the referring physician or surgeon has given all of their required information to give the patient what they need. Well, here we go to know some tips to use the key images in your radiology reports using best free DICOM viewer.

Before We Proceed, Know What Key Images Are

You might have no idea what the issue we’re talking about if you’re not an individual of the medical profession. Key images are very important images that a radiologist makes it flagged. There are some modalities, MRI and CT scan, for example, deliver lots of studies with too many medical images.

So, you’re essentially requesting your beneficiary to get a needle without getting the capacity to spot a particular image. But, the issue is that all reporting solutions don’t support these key images. It means that you need to click back as well as onward among windows while writing a report as the analysis radiologist.

It’s greatly appreciated in a clinical background while getting the skill to access these types of key images. Also, somebody with shared access they can view these images instantly if they are allowed on the reporting section in the worklist.

View to Analysis Key Images in the Reports

You really should understand the issue of medical imaging. If you don’t have access to your key images, you must contact your service provider. But, if you find nothing update for you from them, you must consider looking for some new providers.

You should have user-friendly key images. Also, you should get the feature of drag and drop files in it. Otherwise, you need to get the option of a simple click to upload an image file and the standard file format is DICOM for paid or free DICOM viewer.

Include a Description

If you need to include a summary or description of your conclusion, there is an edit option to do it. No matter the description is short or long, you should get the option to do easily. Also, you’ll be able to rename the image and check over your summary or description from there.

Also, it’s a good solution to cover if there are more than single key images. Just scroll throughout the images you have uploaded if you like to select or view a further key image. When you have done what you’re looking to do, simply click on the button “Edit Description.”


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