Telstra is the largest mobile network in Australia and covers more than 2.4 million sq kilometers of this brown land. It may be the first brand you’ll remind if you need to get a mobile plan. And that’s why you may look for Telstra mobile international call rates for your need of global calling. It has a lot of data, text, and talk time plans for a wide range of users. As a full-service provider, it comes with the most types of mobile phone plans from your contracted handset to prepaid options. Its true there are different and plenty of plans of Telstra, but it has made simple its plans for the last 12 months. These include international deals and other prepaid plus postpaid plans.

What is the Call Rates for International Calling?

You must like to stay in touch of your beloved one no matter where they reside. For this reason, we’re going to share with you Telstra international call rates that you’re looking for. You can get the chance to call an unlimited international call to 35 countries all over the world. But, you have to pay only $15 for a month that will make you able to call your home phone. Well, let’s know about them with the below bullet points.

  • If you’re from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore you can call standard numbers in only 5c/min (or part).
  • If you’re from India, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand you can call standard numbers in only 10c/min (or part).
  • If you’re from Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, and Vietnam you can call standard numbers in only 15c/min (or part)
  • If you’re from Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, and South Africa you can calls to standard numbers in only for 20c/min (or part)
  • If you like to send a Text (SMS) it’ll cost 20c for any international number.
  • If you like to send an MMS picture/audio/or video it’ll cost 75c for any international number.

Telstra Network & Coverage


This is the carrier that loves to talk to about the area of their mobile coverage and they’re the largest operator in Australia. Also, they declared that they cover up to 99% area of the country with their network. They’re working hard to serve their extended and reliable coverage at the regional levels. They’re getting rolled out mobile base station in these areas as ‘Black Spot”. Also, they’re providing various devices to cover their network that need for these areas.

What is the Telstra Plans & Bonuses?

You’ll get you all plans from Telstra coming with the standard rates and offers talk time, data, and text within Australia. Well, let’s know about some domestic data plans that may be useful to you. For example, Data-free-live sport, Apple Music, and Telstra Air are some of them.

Bottom Line

When it comes to Telstra international call rates, it’s lower than many other operators. This is one of the best carriers for the global calling so you can choose it if you need to call foreign frequently.


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